Eligible Participants

The race is only open to active duty military members. DOD ID numbers are required for registration.  All race participants must have an APFT average of 240 points or higher and be able to execute six dead hang up pull-ups.  Proof of APFT score must be provided by uploading a current (within 6 months) APFT scorecard with their registration.  Race participants will have to demonstrate their ability to conduct 6 dead hang pull ups prior to executing the obstacle course.  This is for safety reasons and is a requirement of the US Army JFK Special Warfare Center & School (USAJFKSWCS) who operates the Nasty Nick Obstacle Course.


In order to pre-qualify for the Nasty Nick Elite Heat, you will have to be evaluated at the Danny O obstacle course.  The Danny O is located off of Yadkin Rd just past the USASOC Safety sign near the Reilly Rd intersection. The intent is to identify the best times among all interested participants.  Only the Top 30 (15 males/15 females) will be eligible for the elite heat.  All other participants will be assigned a different heat time to participate in the Nasty Nick.   Pre-qualifying race dates for the Danny O are:

14 OCT 17                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           21 OCT 17
28 OCT 17
04 NOV 17

Start times are  at 1000, 1100, and 1200 on all three dates.  You will know if you made the competitive heat the first week of November once all pre-qualifying racers times are tabulated. Ensure you save your place and good luck!

Danny O Location

What should I wear for the race?

Racers are required to wear a sterile military uniform (OCPs, BDUs, DCUs, ACUs, or service equivalent) with t-shirt and issued boots. Nikes and other like brands are highly discouraged on the course as they do not provide adequate grip on many obstacles and pose a safety risk as well as prevent the racer from doing as well in issued boots. Merrell's and other non-standard boots are not authorized.

Reporting Instructions - Fort Bragg Bus Riders

Individuals or teams that choose to take the Fort Bragg shuttle provided for the race must be at the parking lot no later than 90 minutes prior to their heat. For example, race participants starting at 0800 must be in the parking no later than 0630. Each shuttle will depart 90 minutes before the assigned heat for that shuttle. The shuttle is free of charge and will be running throughout the event on a set schedule.

Bus Pick Up/Drop Off

Reporting Instructions - Camp Mackall

Participants not taking the shuttle from Fort Bragg will meet at the Finisher Expo where they will park and ride the bus onto Camp Rowe. Racers will arrive 45 minutes prior to their heat in order to move from the designated parking area to Camp Rowe. Upon arrival to Camp Rowe, racers will move to the classroom to watch an instructional video that covers how to conduct and maneuver each obstacle throughout the race course.  Racers are required to watch the video for safety and general understanding of how to negotiate the course.  It is the responsibility of each racer to understand how to negotiate each obstacle prior to the start of their heat as the obstacle will not be explained once the racer begins.

Mackall Directions


A bag drop-off area will be provided by the Special Operations Recruiting Battalion where individuals can store their extra clothes to change into following the race. Race participants will be escorted to their respective latrines to change before moving back to the buses and being shuttled to the designated parking area.  Participants should bring a change of clothes as they will get wet and dirty while negotiating the obstacle course.

Camp Rowe Restrictions

Race participants are not permitted to “hang out” after their heat is complete to interact with other racers or to view the rest of the race. Camp Rowe is a limited access facility and therefore restrictive in the areas in which the racers can move.  Racers are not permitted to go into any facility unless told to and they will not under any circumstance engage with candidates who are going through the Special Forces Qualification Course, Psychological Operations Assessment and Selection, Civil Affairs Assessment and Selection, or any other course taking place in vicinity of Camp Mackall.


This year's race will feature our first "Finisher Expo" where families and non-participants will have the opportunity to eat, drink, and be merry with a number of vendors from the community participating. Additionally, we will have a live feed of the race displayed at the Finisher Expo so that you can support your friend, family member, or co-worker as they negotiate their way through the obstacle course. Come for the race, stay for the great vendors that will have plenty of free giveaways.

Medical Coverage

Medics will be present throughout the race course to provide immediate assistance to any race participant. Additionally, the Camp Mackall aid station will have two medics on duty.  There is not a physician’s assistant or higher level of care available during the event.  Any participant who becomes injured during the event and needs additional care will be moved by vehicle to Womack Army Medical Center on Fort Bragg for further care.  All participants understand the inherent risk in conducting an obstacle course and are responsible for ensuring their own safety throughout the race by properly negotiating the obstacles as briefed during the safety video.


We will have a variety of vendors at the Finisher Expo and anticipate they will include Mission Barbeque, Southern Pines Brewery, and Black Rifle Coffee Company just to name a few. Also, we will have a kid's zone setup with bounce houses and climbing walls for all ages. It's going to be a blast!